A new vision for the future of healthcare

The Stockholm Network is hosting a lunchtime event on the topic of innovation in healthcare. “A new vision for the future of healthcare” will take place on 28 March 2012 (12.30-2.30pm) in Brussels (Radisson Blu EU Hotel, Rue d´Idalie, 35 – 1050).

Innovations in healthcare have the potential to change – as well as to extend – all of our lives but too often the discussion of healthcare systems gets bogged down in present day realities. We argue over how healthcare is funded and provided now rather than taking a strategic look at what the future might hold and how we can prepare for it. Our expectations of doctors, hospitals and even of medicines can often be quite traditional and we may find it hard to imagine an alternative healthcare reality of paperless hospitals, electronic medicine or tailor-made medicines. Yet the possibilities of the future are exciting and transformative. In this special event, we invite a range of healthcare innovators and experts to present to us a new vision of the healthcare future and to ask what Europe needs to do to make it a reality.

Panel speakers:

  • Professor Paul Corrigan – former senior health policy advisor to Tony Blair – “Uncovering new sources of value in health care by coproduction with patients”;
  • Johan Hjertqvist – director of Health Consumer Powerhouse – “E-health, a revolution for patients”;
  • Dr Alphonse Crespo, president of Medicine and Liberty -“The future for professionals”; and
  • Richard Barker, author of 2030 The Future of Medicine: Avoiding a Medical Meltdown and director of Centre for Accelerating Medical Innovations -“What is the future for medicines?”

Chair: Helen Disney, CEO and founder of the Stockholm Network.

To RSPV, please contact us at events@stockholm-network.org.

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