Best of the Bulletins

Many of our network member think tanks offer bulletins like ours that keep subscribers informed about their most recent developments, including recent papers and upcoming events. This page, alongside a regular feature in our Weekly Bulletin, will provide information on these bulletins alongside details of how you can subscribe to them. If you are a member of the Stockholm Network and would like your bulletin to be featured, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Centre for Social Justice
The London-based Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), an independent think tank, was established in 2004 to seek effective solutions to the poverty that blights parts of Britain. Its mission is to put social justice at the heart of British society and to build an alliance of poverty fighting organisations in order to see a reversal of social breakdown in the UK. In doing so, it conducts policy research that combines data, anecdotal evidence and polling, which is published on its website free of charge. Its regular email bulletin provides information on CSJ events and publications, whilst directing readers to contributions by the CSJ in the news.

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European Centre for International Political Economy
European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) is an independent and non-profit policy research think tank dedicated to trade policy and other international economic policy issues of importance to Europe, founded in 2006 by Fredrik Erixon and Razeen Sally. It is rooted in the classical tradition of free trade and an open world economic order and its intention is to subject international economic policy, particularly in Europe, to rigorous scrutiny of costs and benefits, and to present conclusions in a concise, readily accessible form to the European public. Their newsletter, delivered regularly, provides information about new events and publications from ECIPE, as well as coverage of the ECIPE in the media.

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Institut Économique Molinari
The Institut Économique Molinari (IEM) is a French think tank, with offices in Paris, Brussels and Montreal, that aims to promote an economic approach to the study of public policy issues by offering innovative solutions that foster prosperity for all. It is a non-profit organisation named after Gustave de Molinari, the Franco-Belgian economist and journalist. This newsletter, delivered regularly, provides information about new events and publications from IEM, as well as coverage of the IEM in the media and articles by IEM figures across the web.

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Institute for Market Economics
Institute for Market Economics (IME) is the first and oldest independent economic policy think tank in Bulgaria. Based in Sofia, it aims to elaborate and advocate market-based solutions to challenges citizens of Bulgaria and the region face in reforms. In doing so, it provides independent assessment and analysis of the Bulgarian government’s economic policies and acts as a focal point for an exchange of views on market economics and relevant policy issues. IME’s Economic Policy Review bulletin is published every few months with in depth analysis and insight into significant current economic issues. The most recent edition, published on 21st October 2011, features an article by senior researcher Petar Ganev, which analyses the current financial crisis in Europe and discusses if global markets are in “Zugzwang”. Other articles look at the riots in London, employment and wages in Bulgaria and the continuing shrink of the Bulgarian fiscal reserve.

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Institucion Futuro
Institucion Futuro, established in Spain ten years ago, promotes a better socioeconomic future for the civil society of Navarra by means of analysis of public policy and the presentation of innovative proposals obtained through research and analysis. Its main areas of work are: Businesses and Small and Medium Enterprises; Education and Talent; and Public Administration. Its weekly e-newsletter includes information of these three areas and provides information about new events, publications as well as the latest posts of the Institute Blog. Its new format incorporates image and social media in new ways and allows Institucion Futuro to reach a wider audience.

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Policy Exchange
This bulletin from the London-based Policy Exchange allows subscribers to keep up to date with upcoming events and new publications, as well as observing recent highlights. The bulletin is sent out regularly and in packed full of information, including pictures and videos from the past week. As a think tank, Policy Exchange aims to develop and promote new policy ideas that deliver better public services, a stronger society and a more dynamic economy.

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